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Debt Free Travel Journey

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I'm Jateria!

Your financial coach who wants you to live your best life through travel.


I am a Southern Belle who loves personal finance and exploring the world.

Think of me like an Olivia Pope for your finances.

As a financial educator and travel strategist my goal is to bring FINANCIAL CLARITY to your life, transform your MINDSET and encourage INTENTIONAL & DEBT FREE TRAVEL all while implementing personal finance basics principles.


Because understanding travel hacking is great and all but if you don’t know how to build and maintain wealth, you’re playing a game to lose.


And I want you to Win with your finances and with your travel deals!

My Debt Free Travel Journey

Fun Fact:

I lived in South Africa on a $500/MONTH budget and it was the RICHEST I've ever felt in my life.

Learn All About Me!

MY Favorites!

  • Chai Tea Lattes calm me down and help me focus


  • My favorite book is the Soul of Money by Lynne Twist 


  • South Africa will forever & always by my favorite place to travel


  • I am a Pisces just like my girl Rihanna.


  • I want to become financially independent so I can travel full time.


  • I was in a long-distance relationship for almost a year.


  • Paying off my car 2.5 years early within a week of my debt free trip to Dubai


  • My client paying off a major student loan, saving 10k and then doubling her salary 


  • Leaving an unfulfilling lifestyle and deciding to choose me so I could heal and transform into the woman I am today


"I believe that my character & energy are the strongest currency "

-Jateria Pitman

Black Women are the FASTEST growing entrepreneurs but carry the HIGHEST amount of student loan debt

What Clients Say

"Jateria is simply amazing! She takes the time to explain and answer all of your questions. She also regularly checks in with you in between sessions to make sure you're staying on track. I feel so much more in control of my finances after working with her!"

Mia M.

It's time to align yourself with the energy of your money and build wealth so you can live your best life through travel.

If you're ready for a financial coach that isn't restricting you but encouraging you to spend based on your values, I can't wait to meet you!

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